Local Produce

Here at Surrey Hills Butchers we always try to use as much local produce as we can. We do of course have standards, we like to meet these standards and keep the produce local wherever possible. It is always a pleasure dealing with farmers and their families as well as market men. We are very lucky to have some great farmers around us and to be based next door to the Surrey Hills, as well as having a 4thgeneration market man at Smithfield on our side. We mix with the sort of people who care about their livestock; from field to plate starts very much with the farmer. Every step of our food’s journey is important, from how the animal is fed to how it is slaughtered. Not to mention how it is butchered and cooked!

The world we live in gives us multiple choices – we can choose to buy something to match a budget… we can chose something of superior quality. No matter what our choices it is important that we think not only about the product we are buying but the journey it has been on.

Seasons obviously affect meat and sometimes different types of pasture are required for certain kinds of meat. Even if we cannot source the products we are looking for right on our door step we will always ensure it is sourced from the UK.